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White Lily Designs is dedicated to creating attractive, functional web pages in partnership with our clients. We offer FREE consultation to clients before undertaking any project. Consultation can be done in person if geographically feasible, by phone or via e-mail. During the design process, clients are shown various design choices, graphics and layout options so they can choose the styles that they prefer. Changes are always made if requested. Client consultation is continuous throughout the development of the project until the web site is completed, up and running and approved by the client.

Web Page Design

White Lily Designs incorporates the basic principles of good web page design in every project undertaken. This necessitates the creation of carefully planned web sites that can be viewed in different browsers, are attractive at most screen resolutions and use appropriate color schemes. Designs can be formal and businesslike or whimsical and intriguing. Your web page will be professionally done whether it is a purely informational site or your product catalog.

Because each web site is different and has different requirements, White Lily Designs does not have "packaged rates" for services. Rates are quoted for individual projects after consultation with the client. Prices are very reasonable for both web design and site maintenance. Our focus is on creating a few quality sites rather than producing a large quantity of mediocre sites.

The Tin Peddler

Other Services

White Lily Designs offers graphic services including:
Designing New Logos
Adapting Existing Logos
Scanning drawings and photographs
Editing photographs and creating slide shows

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White Lily Designs will do on site digital photography within a reasonable driving distance from Springfield or Dayton, Ohio. You can provide your own digital photos or traditional photographs that can be scanned for use on your web page.

White Lily Designs does not sell web hosting. We will assist you in registering your domain name and in locating an appropriate hosting service for your web page. Once a web host is selected we will upload your site and make sure it is running properly. Please contact us for free estimates on all services.