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About White Lily Designs

White Lily Designs is a small, friendly company that is more interested in creating a quality product for every customer than turning out a high volume of sites. All web sites are carefully planned and produced in collaboration with the client. We adhere to the principles of good web design. We do not use a commercial program or templates to design web sites. Each site is developed individually without the constraint of "themes." We are familiar with accessibility standards and endeavor to make our sites accessible to all.

White Lily Designs was founded by Marilyn Miller, a retired educator with 32 years in public education. She became interested in web design after designing and publishing a personal web page. Mrs. Miller continued to develop her web design skills by completing more than a dozen classes in web design offered by the HTML Writers Guild and Clark State College and holds a certificate in Web Technologies. She continues to take classes to stay abreast of new techniques in this rapidly changing field.

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